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Christmas Ham and Hot Sauce Fundraiser!

Our fundraiser for the end of 2022 will be selling a variety of hot sauces from the Ontario Spice of Life company, hams, and coconut bread.

All funds will go to the social ministry of the church that supports and celebrates marginalized and racialized communities, our church community, and our Parkdale community and community partners.

Please place orders by Monday December 5 by e-mailing your request with your contact information for any of the following to epiphanyandstmark@gmail.com.

Coconut Bread (small) $7.00 order by Monday, December 12

A 3 to 6 kg ham for approximately $30, reasonably priced

Original Hot Sauce: Can be used to liven any food. ($10 for 148ml)

Not So Hot Sauce: The mildest sauce, made with jalapeño and hints of lime. ($10 for 148 ml)

Tropic like it’s Hot sauce: habanero, jalapeno and pineapples create a great sweet heat balance. ($10 for 148 ml)

Million ++ Sauce: Ghost Peppers and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers; not for the faint of heart! ($10 for 148 ml)

Holy Smoked Pepper Sauce: smokey flavour combined with Habanero peppers. ($10 for 148 ml)

Six-pack: try six kinds in sample sized 50ml bottles. ($30)

Coconut Bread (small for $7.00 ) can by ordered by Monday, December 12

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