Epiphany and St. Mark partners with various engaging ministries and neighbourhood organizations in Parkdale. Our parish has a deep passion and outpouring of support for this type of work within the community.

This mandate to partner with like-minded, yet often non-religious neighbourhood organizations, grew organically out of an earnest desire to translate the good news of Christ into the lives of our neighbours. This is done primarily through a philosophy of Christian hospitality that has been encouraged by our clergy and lay leaders alike. In short, we want our neighbourhood to know that we are here to serve them as Christ would!

Those who have found a home within our parish have done so because the congregation at Epiphany and St. Mark has been overwhelmingly warm and welcoming! People describe this hospitality in many ways including: a sense of togetherness, loving acceptance, free from judgement and discrimination, community-mindedness, commitment to social justice, family-friendly, ethnic diversity and inclusive of all backgrounds. People feel that they are encountering the love of Jesus Christ.

To learn more, take a look at our parish profile.

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