• Clearly name the problem
  • Be honest & vulnerable
  • Create a safe space for conversation
  • Listen
  • Share Stories
  • Use data
  • Let Black members of the congregation take a lead
  • Use the arts
  • set realistic goals and ideas for what we want to accomplish and ensure that these ideas and activities are something we can commit to on a continual basis

1. Education

  • Stories from Black folks 
  • history of Blacks in Canada
  • Problems with policing
  • Film series
  • Book studies
  • Lecture series 
  • caucus groups — spaces for BIPOC people to do reflection and processing together, as well as finding spaces for white people to do this work on their own too, in order that when we come together to dialogue, there is increased capacity for understanding

2. Communication

  • Articulate a clear Christian liberation stance against anti-black racism and colonial policing!
  • Arts-based communication, signage
  • Messaging to the wider church — more diversity! 

3. Liturgy

  • Honour significant dates in Black history, beyond just February
  • Honour Indigenous culture throughout the year
  • More story sharing
  • anti-racist and decolonial liturgical expressions

4. Connecting to the community

  • Use anti-racism as a way to connect youth.
  • partner with other groups who are active
  • Mentorship programs, networking opportunities 
  • encourage financial givings to particular organizations committed to doing anti-racist work—maybe somewhere in the neighbourhood
  • Organize opportunities for anti-racist protest participation as an ESM community—maybe gathering together for marches and vigils, but maybe also finding ways to use the location/property of the church for anti-racist messaging
  • Building relationships with our Indigenous communities

To build relationships we will work to increase an appreciation of the teachings, languages, traditions and stories of the Ancestors that are shared in the podcast series “Sacred Teachings” of the Anglican Church of Canada.

We will hold information sessions to introduce participants to “the Sacred Teachings” Podcasts, Virtual Pow Wows; 2015 Sacred Circle: Gospel: Jamboree; As well, we will provide participants with links to these media.

Once we are no longer practicing social distancing, we will organize a bus trip to either Six Nations (Brantford), the Oneida of the Thames or Christian Island to meet with Indigenous leaders to listen and learn about their communities—past, present.

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