Christian Education

Sunday School Program

Our Sunday school program is led by Michael Burtt. Michael is the Artistic Director of Making Room Community Arts, in residence at the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre.

Currently, we use the one room school house approach, but as we grow the Sunday school program will evolve. Michael has picked a great curriculum to follow what the adults are thinking about in church. So this is how it works:

10:30 Children are in worship with their families

10:40 The children are invited to the front of the church for a special children’s greeting and song with the priest. The teachers and parents are welcome too.

Children follow the Cross to their program; parents are welcome to accompany their children to their church school room.

Children are fetched for Holy Communion so that they may receive the sacrament with their family. Here at Epiphany and St. Mark children are welcome to receive the bread, most parents prefer if the children don’t drink from the chalice (we think it is a parental decision, but children are welcome to drink the wine). OR some prefer, instead and in place of communion, that their child receive a blessing.

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