Our Parish

Parish Staff

Rev. Dr. Jason McKinney, Incumbent

Rev. Dr. Jason Mckinney: Incumbent
Photo/Michael Hudson

Jason is our Incumbent at the church. A longterm Parkdale resident, Jason is a theological educator and community-engaged priest. He is committed to the Anglican tradition of geographical ‘parish’ ministry. Here the parish refers not only to the congregation, but to the neighbourhood as well.

Rev. Claudette Taylor, Deacon

The Rev. Canon Claudette Taylor: Deacon

Claudette is our permanent Deacon, not only participating in the leading of worship but essentially involved in organizing many parish activities, particularly the vital ‘Social Ministry’ organization. Claudette is a long time parishioner here and was called by this community to accept her role as deacon. Claudette was ordained in December 2012.

Rev. Tim Vickery, Honourary Assistant

Tim Vickery (left): Honourary Assistant

Scott Drakeford, Music Director

Scott Drakeford: Music Director

Scott Drakeford is a keyboardist and producer from Toronto. He has been a musician for over 20 years, having first started piano lessons in 1997. In 1999, he began studying piano at the Merriam School of Music in Oakville. The curriculum included Royal Conservatory repertoire and theory along with jazz and pop repertoire/theory. He studied there for 10 years, and in his 8th year was accepted into Merriam’s Enriched Studies Program, open to only the top students in the school. In 2011 he began teaching piano lessons of his own at the school, and continues to do so for a number of private students. 

In 2010 he began studying music at York University, where his focus set towards composition as well as electronic music production (a practice that began as a hobby in 2007) though he later reduced his time studying to pursue creating music outside of the university curriculum. During this time he taught himself the basics of recording using software synthesizers, which later became the seed for his work as an electronic musician under the name Gravity Well. 

In 2006 he began playing piano for church services, and has continued to do so throughout his career – first at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Islington as a guest musician, then as a long-term substitute worship leader at Martin Grove Baptist Church in 2015. He became Music Director at the Anglican Church of the Epiphany & St. Mark in late 2017. In 2018 Scott graduated from Seneca College’s Independent Music Production Program with Honours. 

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